Social Personal Health Education

Some of the aims of the SPHE Syllabus are:
To enable the students to develop skills for self-fulfillment and living in communities
To promote self-esteem and self-confidence
To enable the students to develop a framework for responsible decision-making
To provide opportunities for reflection and discussion
To promote physical, mental and emotional health and well-being
Head of Department: Ger Halbert
Teachers: Jacqueline Kelleher, Eleanor Sherman, Linda Irwin, Mary O Leary, Therese Bowen, Caroline O Sullivan-Ryan, Myra Chandler, Alice Stoat, Valerie O Flynn-Doyle, Aisling Mc Ardle, Bernard O Connell, Marguerite Glorney, Patricia Treacy, Kate Brassil
Course Outline
Junior CycleSenior Cycle
SPHE is compulsory in each year of junior cycle education.
SPHE is part of the fifth year senior cycle curriculum in Christ King School
SPHE in junior cycle includes the following modules:
Belonging and integrating
Self-management: a sense of purpose
Communication skills
Physical health
Relationships and sexuality
Emotional health
Influences and decisions
Substance use
Personal safety
SPHE in fifth year aims to develop students’ self-awareness and self-efficacy and the skills of empathy, resilience and health literacy. SPHE in fifth year addresses the following three areas of learning:
Mental health
Relationships and sexuality
Substance use

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