Physical Education

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Some of the aims of the Physical Education Syllabus are:
To provide opportunities for students to develop personally, socially and physically through participation in physical activities in a safe, challenging and enjoyable environment
To encourage an appreciation of physical activity and the benefits of an active lifestyle
To promote positive attitudes towards physical activity participation and towards co-operation with others in that participation
To provide opportunities for students to critically reflect on physical activity through participation in a broad and well-balanced programme
Head of Department:
Teachers: Michelle Mc Ginley, Jacqueline Kelleher, Pauline Hayes, Daire Keane, Ger Halbert
Course Outline
Junior CycleSenior Cycle
Physical education is part of the curriculum in each year of junior cycle in Christ King school
Physical education is part of the curriculum in transition year and fifth year of senior cycle education in Christ King school
The physical education curriculum in junior cycle includes the following areas of study:
Aquatics (swimming)
Invasion games
Net and fielding games
Health-related activity
Adventure activities
The physical education curriculum in senior cycle is informed by the interests of the students in senior cycle. It includes some of the areas of study in junior cycle physical education. Students also participate in activities including kick boxing, yoga, visits to local health clubs and walking/jogging

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