Past Pupils News
Past Pupils Union President: Mrs Margaret O'Sullivan
The committee of the PPU wishes to extend its congratulations and warmest good wishes for the future to outgoing Principal, Mrs Kathleen Feeney, on the occasion of her retirement. We especially want to thank Mrs Feeney for her help, encouragement and support in getting the Past Pupils Union off the ground. Such a development was a long time in coming but is certainly a legacy of which Kathleen may be proud. The Committee also warmly welcomes new Principal, Ms Mary Keane, to Christ King. We congratulate her on her appointment and wish her every success in her new position. We hope that she will be as happy at Christ King as we have been as pupils there. If you are a member of Leaving Cert 69/70( First class), Leaving Cert 78/79, Leaving Cert 88/89, Leaving Cert 98/99, our inaugural dinner on April 24th 2009 at the Maryborough Hotel will be of particular interest to you. We hope to assemble your year group on that occasion to celebrate the fortieth, thirtieth, twentieth and tenth anniversaries, respectively, of your Leaving Cert. We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to get together with your ‘old’ friends and to make a special effort to come along. Tickets and further details will be available later in the year. Naturally all past pupils of any year are welcome to attend, so should you wish to join the celebrations, we will be delighted to see you there.

We also invite you to become a member of the CKSSPPU by Cicking here for the application form. This website will have details of PPU activities as they occur.

During the month of May, the committee organised two competitions in the school in an effort to spread the word about our founding. Niamh Rigby, Leaving Cert, was the winner of a Logo Competition and her prize, a digital camera, was kindly sponsored by O’Leary’s Camera World, Oliver Plunkett St. Georgina Cantwell, Second year, won the second competition by submitting the highest number of entries in the search for past pupils names and details. Georgina’s prize is a cheque for 50 euro. The PPU wishes to congratulate both girls and thanks all who entered the competitions.